Arrival Exercise

In this video, Brian walks us through the general idea of calling. We'll look at how people may mistakenly approach calling, the way we should come into this process, and consider the kingdom as the bigger framework for calling.

"There is this notion floating out there that if I can find my calling, that thing I was made for, I was designed for, I'll be happy. Whether its job satisfaction, or productivity, or creativity, we think and believe that there is something out there for us to do, and if we do it, we'll be whole. And that is true, but I think it's like Fredrick Buechner puts it, "Calling is that place where your happiness and the world needs meet."

If you're following along in the manual, turn to the "Arrival Exercise" chapter and complete it. Otherwise, continue below.


1) Write down how you're feeling.

2) Pray over your feelings and ask God to open your mind to whatever he has to say.

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